A Groceryship is a scholarship for groceries. We provide families the money to buy fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and seeds for six months, and then provide a comprehensive program of education and support to empower them to increase health by incorporating more of these healthful foods into their diets. Families who are awarded Groceryships receive support on five levels:

Groceryships Image.png

Financial — For six months, families receive gift cards allowing them to buy fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds and nuts (whole, plant-food).

Medical — families health and progress are monitored by our clinic partners, who track changes in weight, BMI, cholesterol, and glucose levels. 

Educational — Groceryship recipients meet weekly to learn nutrition, healthy cooking and shopping skills.  Nutritionists are on-call during the week to provide nutrition counseling and recipe suggestions.

Emotional — Half of the weekly meeting is devoted to the emotional side of eating, and overcoming addictive foods. Our support structure includes group support, a peer-buddy system, and mentoring.

Resources — Groceryship recipients receive a package of tools/resources at the beginning of the program, including:

o   Healthy Eating DVDs (Including Forks Over Knives and Hungry For Change.)

o   Donated blenders and other kitchen appliances.

o   Food Feelings Journals.

o   Copies of SuperSprowtz children’s nutrition cookbooks

o   Copies of Chop, Chop Magazine and other fun tools. 

Groceryships aims to empower families to live healthfully for generations to come.