We Need Help! And we’d love to have you become a member of our team! We need help in the following areas:

Interns -- Interns play a crucial role at Groceryships. They support the health coaches for each group, and procure the materials for each class. They also are on-call for families during the course of the program, so if a family runs into health-questions mid-week, they can reach out for support (for more information, click here).

YogaTeachers – Volunteer to teach a class to our Groceryship Families.

Health Coaches – We need good teachers who love working with people to facilitate change, and who are willing to make a commitment. 

Web Developers – We need help building out our website, and developing smartphone apps. We also need people that are experienced in NationBuilder & SquareSpace to help us!

Graphic Designers – We need help designing products with the Groceryship Logo.

Mental Health Professionals  -- Help lead our support groups. If you have experience working with food addiction, eating disorders, or emotional eating, we'd love to talk with you. 

Public Relations – Help us get our message out! If you are skilled with Media campaigns, we’d love to talk to you.

Researchers – We need public health professionals to help us run a study. 

Power Point – We have a great need for people who are good with Power Point to help us with presentations on nutrition, fundraising, and the obesity epidemic.